Translating to our expansion strategy as an Authorised Reseller& Services Provider to reach all segments of society by providing our customers with a new shopping experience, we have 3 Showrooms and 2 Service Centers. moreover a new established expansion plans for 2018 such as opening new retail store plus high consideration of E-commerce online business. with the aim that this step will help us in satisfying our client’s demands with the mixture of convenience and efficiently fast service’s providing all Apple categories and high-end accessories that certified by Apple



Why alpha store

  • Authorised Reseller by Apple.
  • Authorised Service Provider by Apple.                           
  • All alpha store products are all official and original stocks.
  • alpha store team (Retail + Service) is well trained & certified by Apple.
  • We cover Apple warranty wherever you purchased your products.
  • We combine all of the most well-known brands of accessories inside
  • alpha store to show you the latest and trending items.
  • We care about your safety, that`s why alpha store provides a wide range of accessories that are certified by Apple.
  • Our ambition for new business expansion has no limits.




  • alpha store offers a unique service experience for all Apple users, it has an enjoyable & comfortable atmosphere with a big calm waiting area for customers.


  • alpha store has been accredited by Apple as an Authorised Service Provider by fulfilling all the requirements of Apple International Standards of Terms of Service, it has two workshops equipped with safety area and tools located in Al-Rai & Salmiya to be more closer to our end-users.


  • alpha store is authorised to offer all repairs for all Beats & Apple products like Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, Beats & it’s related accessories.